Richard Erschik is referred to as the “Go-To GUY for ROI” in tradeshow exhibitor education and training.

He teaches exhibitors how to harvest the orders from the leads that typically don’t receive the follow-up attention they deserve from salespeople after the tradeshow. In addition, he shares actual stories and relatable comments from his personal experience as an exhibitor in the manufacturing industry.

He has conducted more than 350 international seminars, webinars and workshops, and has been a featured speaker and exhibitor educator at the EXHIBTOR Show in Las Vegas for 18 years. He is listed in Trade Show Executive magazine’s Who’s Who in Specialty Service Contractors in exhibitor education. And he has been the on-floor Exhibits Manager for numerous trade show organizers and their tradeshows. So he has walked in exhibitor’s shoes and felt their pain.

In 1986 Richard was a Sr. Marketing Manager in a prominent manufacturing company where he experienced the frustration and budget threats of poor lead “follow-up” after his company’s trade shows.

As a solution to what he has discovered to be a pervasive post-show lead follow-up problem Richard developed an exclusive “process” of responding to, and managing, sales leads after a trade show that he turned into a very successful national lead response management services organization that American Airlines named “One of the most innovative companies in the country” and a “Best Practice” in trade show marketing.

During more than 2 decades of providing his lead response management process and services to more than 100 select clients, his company processed more than 1,000,000 sales leads for customers and generated more than $10,000,000 in sales.

In 2009 Richard sold his service company and relocated to South Florida where he has developed an accelerated DIY (Do It Yourself) seminar and/or webinar learning program for tradeshow exhibitors that teaches them the secrets behind the sales lead response and management process that made him successful. A segment of his presentation is taught at industry supplier’s sales meetings that they can clone-n-own and use to set-them-apart from their competition during their presentations to exhibitors.

He helps to assure his audiences’ success by including 30-Days of FREE telephone support for those that have specific questions or require additional assistance after his seminar and/or webinar.

Richard says “There is something in his seminar and webinar for tradeshow organizers, exhibiting companies, and even tradeshow industry suppliers.”

  • Tradeshow organizers endorse the seminar/webinar and host it for their exhibitors to demonstrate a genuine concern for their exhibitors’ success which improves retention.
  • Presidents/CEO’s/CMO’s/CFO’s of exhibiting companies endorse the seminar/webinar for their employees, because it increases sales, justifies tradeshow cost, and demonstrates a positive ROI from the exhibiting investment.
  • Exhibitor sales managers endorse the seminar/webinar, because it realistically showcases the problems they have following up on all leads after a tradeshow, while it does the lead nurturing for future sales that they don’t have the time to do.
  • Exhibitor marketing managers endorse the seminar/webinar, because it demonstrates how to unitize the leads that are outside the sales pipeline for social media program enhancement
  • Exhibitor booth-staff endorse the seminar/webinar, because it gets them all on the same page as to what’s expected of them on the show floor.
  • Exhibit managers endorse the seminar/webinar as an education that they can’t get anywhere else to give them a full-picture of all of the above and the impact that tradeshows have on their companies overall marketing and sales objectives.
  • Tradeshow industry suppliers learn from the seminar/webinar, how to differentiate themselves from their competition, during their selling process, to win more RFP’s and new-business.

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