Book Me to Speak at Your Next Sales Meeting — Learn Your Customers’ Problems and a Unique Selling Process.

“STOP Selling — START Helping” is the title of the educational and actionable message Richard Erschik delivers to all levels of tradeshow industry supplier salespeople at their sales meetings. Example of results.

Because of the evolution in the tradeshow industry, and decreasing budgets in most exhibiting companies today, there are fewer professional tradeshow managers to sell to than there were 20-years ago. Therefore, tradeshow industry supplier salespeople need to sell to every level of the marketing team from the young marketing coordinator to the seasoned CMO.

Transactional selling to get the order is OUT! Personal selling to educate the buyer and establish a consultative relationship with the exhibiting company customer is IN!

This 60-75 minute sales meeting presentation teaches tradeshow industry supplier sales people how to introduce free actionable information and solutions to exhibitor problems, along with the presentation of their products and services, to set themselves apart from their competition.

The first half of Richard’s sales meeting presentation is the same as that which he has delivered to more than 15,000 exhibitors in 350+ seminars and webinars. From this information, tradeshow industry supplier salespeople learn exhibitor problems they seldom hear about, including some hot buttons they can use when selling.

The last part of Richard’s presentation demonstrates an alternative industry proven process by which exhibitors can respond to their leads, after a show, to assure 100% follow-up and the ROI they so desperately need to protect their job and shrinking budget. It’s this last part of Richard’s actionable presentation that tradeshow industry supplier salespeople can clone-n-own and use in their sales presentations to their customers, to help them win more RFP’s and new business.

Invite Richard to speak in-person at your sales meeting for this enlightening introduction to exhibitor problems and consultative selling techniques. An optional on-line presentation is also available in the form of a webinar.

Free Bonus = Companies that take this training will be prominently listed for one-year in the Recommended Supplier section of this website and gain unprecedented exposure to thousands of exhibit managers. (Listing also available separately. Contact us for details.)

Richard Erschik has been a popular faculty member, multiple city FastTrak program presenter, Round Table moderator, and featured presenter at the EXHIBITOR Show in Las Vegas for 18-years. His instructional presentations continually receive rave reviews and are often evaluated by exhibitor attendees as “content rich,” instantly actionable,” and “best on the program.”

“I have never seen salespeople respond to a presentation like ours did to yours.”

– Barry Rogers, Global Sales Manager, HAAS