TradeShowLeadsToSales is not a hardware or software product or service.

Instead, it is the all-inclusive trade show education seminar and/or webinar education and training session that schools don’t teach; and progressive tradeshow organizers and exhibiting company owners, sales, marketing, and exhibit managers have been looking for.

Tradeshow industry suppliers also learn and use the information presented in this seminar and/or webinar to set them apart from their competition in their selling process to exhibitors.

In this popular experiential seminar and/or webinar entitled “Get the Most from PRE-DURING-POST” exhibitors learn the 3-critical steps to tradeshow exhibiting success.

1. PRE SHOW How to get more visitors to their booth and consequently more leads.

2. DURING SHOW Exhibitor complaints and the Do’s and Don’ts of effective booth staffing

3. POST SHOW How to assure 100% lead follow-up (by means of an industry proven DIY (Do-It-Yourself) lead response process that returns a positive ROI (Return-On-Investment)

There is no hardware or software to buy. No additional people to hire. And no telephone or extraordinary skills necessary for success. Just an open mind and willingness to change a traditional procedure.